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75% of managers aren't born great. They need to learn the skills to lead others. Management is WHAT gets done, the easy part: planning, prioritising, getting functions completed through others, and meeting operational & performance objectives.

Leadership is HOW managers need to BE to lead people. This is the hard stuff.

Management is mostly about things: budgets, project plans, resource allocation, systems and processes.

Leadership is about people. Employees & customers. We know that how leaders behave directly impacts the culture of the organisation in which they work. When a company focuses on developing managers to lead, the employees they lead perform better. Why? Because they want to. They feel valued, heard and appreciated.
Join to find out the secrets to sustainable behaviour change.
So you can retain the talent you fought hard to attract.
Are you responsible for the performance of a business unit?
Are you in L&D or HR?
Or are you a manager who feels underequipped for your people leadership responsibility? 
Don't set your managers up to fail. Set them up to succeed.

Learn how your Managers CAN retain, engage and inspire high performance.
What you will learn:

  • The number 1 way managers impact employees performance
  • The essential starting point for leadership development
  • How to equip your managers to lead with confidence
  • How we support you to build inspired leaders in your organisation
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